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Experience You Can Trust

For more than 35 years, Michael L. Corman has assisted individuals and families with complex estate and tax planning issues, from simple Wills or Living Trusts to sophisticated estate plans, wealth transfer planning and business succession planning.

Lauren T. Corman joined the Corman Law Offices as an attorney after graduating summa cum laude from Santa Clara University School of Law. She has years of experience with the firm in estate planning, corporate and other business matters, and tax issues.
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Estate Planning, Wills, and Living Trusts

The public generally has some understanding of wills, trusts, and estate planning. Almost everyone has heard of a will. Some people have also heard of a trust. However, people are often unclear as to the advantages of a trust over a will, and when a will is all that is needed. Hopefully, the following explanation will shed a little light into the world of estate planning, wills, and revocable trusts.
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Probates, Conservatorships, Trusts, and Estate Administration

The Corman Law Offices also have over three decades of experience handling probates and administration of Estates and Trusts with ease and efficiency. We can assist you in making this process go more quickly and smoothly, with more satisfying results for you and other beneficiaries of the Estate or Trust.
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Business Planning

Our Law Office also specializes in assistance with business formation and dissolution, tax planning, and maintenance. We can form your new business entity, or update your necessary documents, bringing your business back into compliance and helping to insure your business liability is reduced. We also specialize in assisting with buying and selling businesses.
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Tax Services

The Corman Law Offices have extensive experience in settling tax controversies with the IRS and Franchise Tax Board, including over 35 years of audit experience and expertise in practicing before the United States Tax Court. We can assist with your IRS or FTB audit, or appeal your tax court petition.
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